Holden Beach Fishing Charters


Nestled on the pristine shores of Holden Beach, North Carolina, our fishing charters offer you the chance to explore one of the most picturesque fishing destinations in the region. Known for its diverse marine life and breathtaking coastal scenery, Holden Beach provides an idyllic backdrop for an extraordinary fishing expedition.


Captain Williams is an expert fishing guide who possesses a wealth of local knowledge and over 20 years of experience navigating the waters of Holden Beach. From finding the best fishing spots to providing pro-tips on reeling in the catch of a lifetime, Catch22 Charters is committed to enhancing your fishing journey and ensuring a successful outing.


From two hour fishing charters that explore the surrounding waters of Holden Beach, to full day excursions to the depths of gulf stream waters, Catch 22 has the charter that's right for you and your friends and family.  With specialized charters geared towards first time anglers to deep sea pros, we have the tools and the know how to put you on the fish you're after. We even run shrimping runs and recreational outings for those who desire the freshest shrimp for a low Country broil or just have time out on the water.


Check out the details of our different trips below. 


1/4 Day Nearshore

1/2 Day Nearshore

3/4 Day Offshore

Full Day Offshore

Gulf Stream

Shark Fishing