Gulf Stream Holden Beach Fishing Charters

A 12 hour Gulf Stream experience.


Tailored for the dedicated sportsman with a strategic focus on Gulf Stream fishing, our 12-hour charter offers an extraordinary opportunity to chase the ocean's elite species. Priced at $1300, this extended expedition takes you deep into the heart of the Gulf Stream, where remarkable catches like large Mahi, Sail Fish, Marlin, Tuna, and Wahoo await.


Crafted for those who seek the ultimate fishing challenge, this 12-hour journey is a testament to your commitment and passion for angling. Our skilled crew will guide you towards the prized waters of the Gulf Stream, spanning approximately 60 nautical miles from the shoreline, the exact distance varying with the seasons.


From the thrilling leap of a Sail Fish to the relentless strength of a Marlin, this charter is a testament to the prowess of a true sportsman. Whether you're targeting the breathtaking Mahi, the powerful Tuna, or the lightning-speed Wahoo, this expedition ensures an unmatched encounter with the ocean's most esteemed inhabitants. With every cast and every reel, you'll be immersed in the exhilarating challenge that only the Gulf Stream can offer.


Gulf Stream Fishing Charter 

12 Hour Rate: $1,300 


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