Full Day Holden Beach Fishing Charters


A 8 and or 10 hour offshore experience.


For devoted anglers seeking an immersive offshore experience, our full-day charter delivers unparalleled opportunities. Tailored to meet the needs of serious fishing enthusiasts, this expedition comes in two variants: an 8-hour journey at $875 or an extended 10-hour excursion at $1075. Prepare for a day of abundant trophy catches and a true angler's paradise.


Spanning approximately 20 to 45 nautical miles from the coastline, this full-day adventure is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. It's your chance to engage in Grouper fishing, trolling, and more. This charter provides ample time and flexibility, allowing the captain to navigate to the prime fishing spots where the action is hottest that day.


Diverse and thrilling catches await, including Grouper, Snapper, Black Bass, Amberjack, Mahi, King Mackerel, Cobia, African Pompano, Sail Fish, and a myriad of other species. From the moment you cast your line to the exhilarating final catch, our full-day offshore charter promises a deeply rewarding angling experience that's hard to match.

Full Day Fishing Charter 

8 Hour Rate: $875 

10 Hour Rate: $875 


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