6 - 7 Hour Trip - The perfect offshore trip for summer


This trip is available generally speaking March - November. We will be fishing 15 - 20 miles offshore for 6 to 7 hours targeting Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Sharks, Cobia and Amberjacks. Up to 4 passengers are allowed on this trip.

Offshore fishing can be the trip of a lifetime and the majority of my clients that go once are hooked for a lifetime. This trip is for the more experienced saltwater angler who is more focused on a particular species or just wants to experience the best of what is currently happening. The best way to put this is, some people book their vacation around a particular fish and some go on vacation and fish. We truly have great offshore fishing year around and this trip is totally custom to the angler and what they have in mind. My motto is if you have the patience and dedication to catch it we can do it.