Holden Beach Fishing Charter Rates


Welcome to our fishing charter rates page, where unforgettable maritime adventures await you. Our rates are carefully designed to provide exceptional value for the experience of a lifetime. With a commitment to quality and adventure, our charters are led by a seasoned Captain with over 20 years of expert knowledge in navigating the waters. As the longest-running charter in North Carolina, our legacy is built on a foundation of trust and excellence.


Whether you're seeking a half-day voyage for the family, a full-day offshore expedition, or the thrill of shark fishing, our rates cater to every angler's aspirations. Every journey is a testament to our dedication to both novice and experienced anglers, ensuring that you embark on a journey of discovery and exhilaration. Explore the various options and set sail with confidence, knowing that you're in the hands of a Captain with an unmatched legacy of over two decades on the seas.



1/4 Day Fishing Charter 3 Hour Rate: $425

1/2 Day Fishing Charter 4 Hour Rate: $525

1/2 Day Fishing Charter 5 Hour Rate: $625 

3/4 Day Fishing Charter 7 Hour Rate: $875 

Full Day Fishing Charter 8 Hour Rate: $875

Full Day Fishing Charter 10 Hour Rate: $875 

Gulf Stream Fishing Charter 12 Hour Rate: $1,300 


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